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Piacere (pron: pee- a-chay ray) is the Italian word for pleasure. "Piacere" is what you say in Italy when you are introduced to someone. It is also the sensation you feel after having a memorable meal and great bottle of wine.

I was born and raised in Rome. My grandfather, Ugo, owned a famous restaurant on the Roman Forum. As a little boy I would accompany my grandfather on trips to the market for fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat. This is where I learned the importance of selection and buying the best quality ingredients. My grandfather was a great host, and made friends with his famous patrons like Enrico Caruso and Segovia. I was too young to take over the restaurant when he grandfather retired, but always kept that experience close to my heart.

As the executive chef of Ristorante Milano, I have taught numerous chefs how to make pasta and execute my recipes, many of which come from my family. I train the waitstaff, and almost every night I'm at the door to greet customers and see that they experience the satisfying piacere of good food, wine, and service.



I drank my first official glass of wine when I was 10 years old. It was white wine, probably a few fingers of Frascati Superiore with water added.

At my home near Piazza Navona, lunch was the biggest meal of the day. My dad would close his butcher shop and the whole family would sit down to a three-course meal. The table was elegantly set and we always had two carafes on the table. They were pitchers from Deruda: one blue, and the other red with a Greek motif of horse's heads and geometric designs. The blue contained the white Frascati and the red was for the Cerveteri Rosso - both local wines. My grandfather always drank red and the rest of the family would alternate. For the kids it was always white wine and water.

My grandfather used to educate me about wine, about how it was made, and stories of vineyards in the great European producing regions. For me, listening to these stories was like taking a trip to beautiful places.

Wine has remained a constant in my life. Those first tastes of the genuine local wines along with the home-cooked meal set the standard for the meals to be eaten and the good wine to be consumed in the years to come.